These rods have been very well received.  Our customers love them. One of the most sensitive setups out there, and we've never had one break!

6' overall with long bent butt, 5-6" with short bent butt

#2 Alps long bent butt  (short bent is optional, your choice)

30-60# blank (fiberglass)

Alps ball bearing swivel tip 

Heavy Duty Fuji ceramic SIC guides. 

The Alps ball bearing swivel tip can't be beat. It's fully machined and recessed roller design eliminates the chance of the line falling between the roller and sideplate.  If you've had that happen, it's not good....  Especially when you loose 1000' of line and a good fish!  Also, not a sleeve bearing, but a 316 Stainless steel ball bearing for much better longevity and friction reduction.  Our rods are private labeled by Banax,1 year warranty.  Everybody says they are perfect for the reel - I went through quite a few iterations with the blank and components to get what I think is ideal - I did it by fishing with them - not sitting in a shop!  

These will compete with the $400 - 500 custom rods out there. 

Either the short or long butt should still lock into the rod holders.  the long butt is better if you are just leaving the rod in the holder, the short butt if you are going to hold the rod while fishing.

1 Year warranty, manufacturing defects only.

Deep Dropper 30/60 Rod