Banax / Frigate Sales FAQ

 Q. What is the capacity of the Banax Kaigen 1000?

A. This is largely dependent on the size braid and brand used, but in general:

65 lb braid – 1000 meters (1100 yards)
80 lb braid – 800 meters (880 yards)
100 lb braid – 600 meters (660 yards)

If you want to supply us with your line of choice, we’re happy to spool it for you (No charge).  We prefer Tufline due to personal experience.  Momoi is our second choice – but it “bleeds” a lot for the first few trips.  At the speed that these reels runs, it will spray everywhere… 

If you want something really skinny – check out the Fins 40G.  It’s not cheap, but you can fit a heck of a lot of line on the reel (30% more than listed above). 

Q. Which class of line should I use?

A. A number of factors are involved, but the main thing to consider is the current you intend on fishing.  The higher the current the lighter/thinner line is preferred.  Areas with lower current allow the use of a heavier line.  I haven’t fished everywhere, but here’s my take on it – gulf stream – 65#.  Most other places – 80#. 

Q. What is the maximum drag of the Banax Kaigen 1000?

A. The manufacturer specifications state 44 lbs, however, the true working drag range is closer 25 lbs.
Combined with the smooth carbon fiber washers, this is more than enough drag for most fish.
Drag is typically set at about 1/3 of line rating – 25# of drag is perfect for 65# or 80# lines. 

I do not understand why all small electric reels in this class overstate their drag ratings.  All of the major brands exaggerate the working drag ratings.  Unless you are using pliers to tighten the star drag – don’t expect any of them meet the specs on the box.  We’ve tested them all. 

Q. Will the motor burn up if I catch something too big?

A. All Banax electric reels have a safeguard that cuts the reel off before it burns up.  The reel will give 3 warning beeps and then automatically shut down if the reel does get overloaded. In this case, simply give the motor a break and hand crank.   You can manually crank for a minute or two and restart it once the motor controller is cooled down and ready to start fighting again. (We’ve never replaced a motor in a reel… I’ll delete this if it happens though!)  Our competition has replaced lots and lots of motors!

Q. Can the Banax Kaigen 1000 be used for swordfish?

A. A number of small swords have been caught without any issues. However, hooking up with a decent fish – good chance you will get spooled due to line capacity.  Don’t count on it for swording.

Q. What is the largest deep drop weight suggested?

A. Quite a few of our customers routinely fish with 10 lb weights – but this would be the recommended limit. 

Q. Which boat plug is recommended?

A. Search for 027-0004-BK on google.  David Wade Marine (Local boat shop in Baton Rouge, LA – A ++++ rating by the way) turned me on to these, they are reasonable priced, and very, very well made.  Suitable for the rigors of marine use.

The cord on the reel is shipped with alligator clips, clip these off and replace with your preferred plug.   Any 30+ amp electric outlet is suitable.  Also, ensure that the outlet has a 30A breaker or fuse, and suitable wiring to support a 30A load.  The Banax Kaigen 1000 is current limited to 25A. We also suggest connecting the reels to the engine batteries. They will run at a slightly higher voltage than the house batteries (typically – but depends on your wiring arrangement).  This makes the reel a bit faster and stronger. 

Q. How to reset the line counter to zero?

A. Top left button, LINE OUT.  Hold this button down for three seconds to set the stopping point of the line.

Q. Do you recommend the Banax Kaigen 1000 to be used for kite fishing?

A. No, the eyelet on the level wind is not sufficiently large enough to allow swivels to pass through.  If you use wax loops, you’ll be fine. 

Q. What happens if the reel is unplugged while the line is out?

A. Nothing, unless it is unplugged for about 5 minutes.  When the reel is plugged back in quickly, the depth will be remembered. After 5 minutes (ish) the depth will be reset to 0. 

Q. The line is out, but the depth counter has been reset to 0 – I don’t want to crank this back up…

A. The automatic line retrieve will not work as normal. However, anytime you wish to engage the motor manually, just hold down the jigging button to retrieve the line.  The jigging button will always override the auto  stop.  Keep in mind, the jigging speed is dependent on the position of the speed control lever.  If the lever is at 50%, the jigging feature will reel in at 50% speed. 

Q. The motor turns on while in free spool letting line out, I’ve never seen this?

A. Yes, the reel is designed to run the motor while line is going out.  This adds inertia to the spool, and is intended to reduce the chance of a birds nest.  Most reels require you to thumb the spool.  Once the descent is stable, you can walk away from the reel with this feature.  If you do feel like turning off this feature, press the gray button on the top left once, LINE OUT.  You will have to do this every time the reel is powered up. 

Q. Does the manual crank help the reel while the motor is running?

A. No, the motor reels up faster than you can reel manually.  You will be fighting the motor.

Q. How large of fish can the Kaigen 1000 handle?

A. Sharks, swords, and grouper well over 100 lbs have been caught without issue.  A Mako was reported at 400+ pounds.  But you know how fish stories go, I’m guilty too!  I did see some blurry pics, and it was a stud, the captain could have been right.  (Thanks Mako Mike!)

Q. What speed is best to run the reel?

A. The reel is designed to run at full speed, running the reel at lower speeds for prolonged periods of time will increase the chance of overheating. 

Q. What are repair turn around times?

A. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service. Most repairs are minor, and sometimes shipped out the same day we receive them.  Rule of thumb, 1-2 day turn around for repairs. 

Unless the controls fail (not common at all) almost all repairs will be less than $50 including labor and parts.  Of course, warranty is on us.  Also – no repair will cause us to remove your line.  Don’t bother taking the line off before sending it in.  We’re happy to add line or respool while it’s here – contact us for pricing.

Q. Do you offer service for all Banax reels?

A. No we only offer service for reels sold by Frigate Sales or authorized retailers.  These reels have specific serial numbers and will be easily identifiable – and will also include our business card in the box.  We are the sole source for Banax parts or repair in US, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. We will sell parts if you want to do it yourself or have a local shop perform the repair. 

Q. What about the reel I bought on ebay from overseas?

A. You will have to send back to them for service, we won’t sell you parts either.  It’s the same policy that our competition has.  Please understand – the cost of doing business in the US is a good bit more than it is in many other countries – and we are here to support our customers – spectacularly! 

Check out the excise taxes on fishing and archery equipment – I didn’t know about it when I started this business!  10% of the sales price, which is a devastating amount in financial calculations.  Then factor in our taxes after that.  We must be profitable, and we strive to be the best value and service in the market.  Our reputation is built on it. 

Q. Where should I buy weights and rigs?  

A.  We don't sell them - lots of good sources already out there.  You won't find a better source than these guys though!


Rigs & Lights:

Waiting on the details....Texas Blue on, website in the works.  
Q.  I have a retail store, and I’d like to sell these reels.  Would you work with me?

A.  We are actively looking to expand our presence in the retail market.  We understand the value, trust and wisdom local retailers provide.  Please contact us if you have an interest.