Dave S, August 28, 2015 - Kaigen 1000 - 

Got out and used the Banax in 900'-1000' for Barrels. Sloppy conditions, hard to fish, but got about 9 drops in and hooked two Barrels, and landed one about 20-25 lbs. 

Interesting how the reel shifts into low when fighting the fish; took away a lot of the surging fight that Barrels usually do to the Daiwa 1000. I thought I had a Rosie on the way the reel brought up the Barrel!

I think this cushioning effect of the low shift would work well with Swords.
I also trolled with the Banax and caught a Mahi on a MoldCraft Softhead; could use a clicker.

The reel easily cranks up 500 meters of line, 8lb. weights, and rigs, and even fish!

Overall the reel is smoother and feels more powerful than the Daiwa, but almost has too many buttons/features for what I do, but I did use the hi speed and jigging button a lot.

Other than line capacity I think it's capable of fighting smaller swords.

Bryant - January 2016

Took advantage of the weather yesterday. Huge results... Three banax 1000's on the boat, limited out by 930am. Two golden's at 25lbs, one yellow edge at 22lbs. The rest were "normal" sized. I heard you've seen the video already...

Chis C - Feb 2016

I was able to use the reel last weekend for the first time. It out performed the Daiwas by a long shot. I pulled snowy, yellowedge and longtails up by the stringer full. It handles 40 pound gags in 300' with no problem at all!

Wes - January 2016

Love my reel. Will post pics of everything from unboxing to fish in the box as soon as I can get a break from work!
Thanks, James

Doug - February 2016

Team Slowpoke is converted. No more Daiwa or other brands for deep drop. We tried a Kaigen 1000 from James and loved it. Quieter and smoother in our opinion. Plus, it brought us some good luck. (not that fisherman could ever be thought of as superstitious).

Meeting James was refreshing as could be. Fellow fisherman with integrity and very professional. VERY knowledgeable. Truly enjoyed talking with him and doing business. Already planning on several more purchases from him.

Here is my so with a nice 39" Tile on our first Banax outing.

JM - June 2016

Hi James,
Well we finally got to put the new reel to work and oh my gosh it was a beast!! WAY more power than I expected and WAY more power than my friends Daiwa I’ve used. And because I fish a lot with my wife and 10 year old son my favorite feature is the way the motor runs to let your line out. That helps so much when I’m holding the boat in a certain spot and need to let the line out while keeping my eyes in what I’m doing with the boat.  

All these snapper were 10+ lbs each.
1st drop = 2 snapper
2nd drop = 3 snapper
3rd drop = 1 snapper
4th drop = 2 snapper (given to a guy, his wife and his son because they couldn’t catch anything because of the current) it made their day and ours too!
Thanks so much for all the help; we absolutely love the new reel!


​Doug H - I attached a link to video I made of our deep drop trip yesterday. All 3 reels you sold me were used that day. We got a 3 person limit if Golden Tile and Yellow Edge! Biggest Golden Tile weighed in at 26lbs with biggest Yellow Edge 22lb. We also caught a Black fin Tuna at 649ft.

These reels are awesome!